This is a Texas capitol web page

Welcome to the virtual tour of the Texas state capitol building complex.

For starters, when you first walk in the door, you'll be surrounded by many pieces of art -- testimonies to the heroes and martyrs of Texas. On your left, for instance, you'll see this painting of the surrender of Mexican dictator Santa Anna to Texas' revolutionary General Sam Houston after the battle of San Jacinto. Houston, pictured lying against the tree, was wounded in battle. Santa Anna (figure in blue shirt and white trousers) had tried to escape by dressing as a common Mexican foot solider, but was captured by the Texans and identified by his own men.

In front of you as you walk in the doors, on either side of the entranceway to the main floor, are two statues. The one on the left is of Sam Houston, who was not only a general, but one of Texas' elected Presidents (remember, Texas was a free Republic then). Houston eventually fell into disrepute in Texas for his advocacy of Texas becoming a neutral Republic instead of joining the Confederacy during the War Between the States. The man on the right is Stephen F. Austin, famous Texas pioneer and statesman. Both Houston and Austin have major cities in the state named after them.

The main floor is a circular room with its walls, on every floor, lined with paintings of Texas governors and Presidents. The most ominous view, however, is straight up into the dome, pictured here. Although I cannot recall how far up it is, I do recall the tour guide mentioning that the star pictured in the center is, in reality, around 7 feet tip to tip.

Below your feet on the main floor are a series of seals honoring the many powers that have ruled over Texas in its history. They are: Spain, France, Mexico, the Texas Republic, the Confederacy, and the United States. Some of you may recognize these as being the "Six Flags" which the amusement park chain of the same name honors. The seal on our left reads "Remember the Alamo" at the top, and "Texas, One and Indivisible" at the bottom.

Now we can proceed to the second part of the tour, which will show you a bit of the grounds.

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