64 Exchange


David Tingler and "The Breaker"


You may want to check out the intro to the 6480 page before proceeding.

Although the version number is well above 6480's 2.2, it is much more obvious in this program than in its kin programs (6485 and 6487/UES) that this is hacked straight from 6480. The only apparent differences seem to be the inclusion of a bunch of new password protections, similar messages bases to those found in 6485, and a news file.

A familiar screen to 648x sysops

And below is the main menu, minus the upload and download commands, which are not available locally.

Transfers are open and easily accessible.

The Facts:

Hardware Information

Computer    :   Commodore 64 or 128 in 64 mode
Video       :   40 columns
Drives      :   (1 or 2) Commodore, Limited CMD (no part., no subdirs)
Modems      :   1600, 1650, Volks 6480, other 300-1200 baud
Input       :   Keyboard
Output      :   Printer optionally
RAM use     :   N/A
Special     :


Pgm Struct  :   Single program
Menu Struct :   Single menu
Translation :   ASCII only
Access      :   Passwords for several different functions
Handle/ID   :   Name logged only
User info   :   N/A
User Logs   :   Simple call log to disk or printer
Calls/Time  :   No limits
Network     :   N/A
Customizing :   Everything is hard coded
  Programs  :   N/A
  Displays  :   N/A
  Commands  :   N/A
Areas       :   N/A
  E-mail    :   N/A
  Messages  :   Separate menu
  Transfers :   From main menu
  Network   :   N/A
  Programs  :   N/A
  Text      :   N/A
  User Cmds :   N/A
  SysOp     :   Disk control, waiting for call screen
  Voting    :   N/A
  News      :   From main menu
  Help      :   N/A
Other       :

SysOp Utilities and Support

Offline     :   Message base configuration
Online      :   Configuration controls
Remote      :   Disk control
On-L Display:   N/A
W.F.C. Utils:   Configuration controls, passwords, disk access
Chatting    :   From main prompt
User        :   N/A
Msg Bases   :   From offline program
Transfers   :   Disk controls
Programs    :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Drives      :   CBM-DOS prompt
Terminal    :   N/A


Structure   :   Single SEQ file
Header      :   No set header
Weeding     :   N/A
Display     :   At logon, or on command


Structure   :   Linear style, no links
Bases       :   Named bases, listed by number
Limits      :   Enforced by SysOp
Reading     :   By number
Headers     :   Name, date, subject
Format      :   Text only
Writing     :   New posts only
Anonymous   :   No anonymous posts
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

Message Editor

Structure   :   Line editor
Commands    :   Hitting return on blank line gives a menu
Editing     :   Not supported
Formatting  :   Not supported
Graphics    :   Not supported


Bases       :   Open directory style
Storage     :   Access to drives depends on passwords
Limits      :   No limits
Credits     :   N/A
Protocols   :   Punter
Headers     :   Name, blocks
Selection   :   By name
Listing     :   Directory only
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

Text Libraries

Structure   :   N/A
Storage     :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :   N/A


Structure   :   N/A
Sending     :   N/A
Receiving   :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :   N/A

Program Libraries

Structure   :   N/A
Programs    :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :   N/A

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