Citadel 64 BBS


K2NE Software

The Citadel 64 Startup Screen.


K2NE Software claims in their docs to be a source of a myriad of products, though Citadel 64 and Citadel 128 are their only confirmed products.

Waiting for call screen.

Citadel 64 is basically an unthreaded, ASCII-only, message base-centric system with a cryptic interface. The lack of modern user security and access control, message structure of any sort, or ANY bells and whistles makes one long for All American.

Care was taken to make sure that everything can be done from a single menu, which is basically a message area menu that allows you to log off.

I suppose I shouldn't be so hard on a message-bases only system. After all, message bases are the best part of a BBS. However, if more work had been done in the message bases themselves so that at least THAT area shined, this program might be salvagable. However, lacking support for Commodore graphics, lacking message threading or message structure of any kind, and lacking scanning and other standard features makes it tough to say many nice things.

Moreover, the transfers area, which appears to be integrated somehow, is decidedly not supported by the configuration tools. It appears to have been either a half implemented, or an unimplemented feature of the system.

The Facts:

Hardware Information

Computer    :   Commodore 64 or 128 in 64 mode
Video       :   40 columns only
Drives      :   CBM, limited CMD (no parts, no subdirs),
Modems      :   1650, 1660, 1670 compatibles (300-1200)
Input       :   Keyboard
Output      :   Printer optional
RAM use     :   N/A
Special     :


Pgm Struct  :   Single, large, self-sufficient program
Menu Struct :   Single menu system, single key and cryptic code-entry
Translation :   ASCII only
Access      :   Open system, or Guest/Validated users, passwords.
Handle/ID   :   Handles only, real names are in seperate data files
User info   :   Name, city, phone, access
User Logs   :   Name, time?
Calls/Time  :   Limits hard coded?
Network     :   N/A
Customizing :   Not terribly customizable
  Programs  :   Program is compiled BASIC, not changable
  Displays  :   Displays are SEQ files, changable
  Commands  :   Not changable
Areas       :   Almost all selections from main menu
  E-mail    :   From main menu
  Messages  :   From main menu
  Transfers :   From main menu?
  Network   :   N/A
  Programs  :   N/A
  Text      :   N/A
  User Cmds :   N/A
  SysOp     :   N/A
  Voting    :   N/A
  News      :   At logon only
  Help      :   From main menu
Other       :

SysOp Utilities and Support

Offline     :   Configurator for message bases, users only
Online      :   Chat, disconnect
Remote      :   Nothing that I could see
On-L Display:   None
W.F.C. Utils:   Log on
Chatting    :   From only prompt
User        :   Certain limited editors from offline configurator
Msg Bases   :   Base/Message editing from configurator
Transfers   :   Unknown
Programs    :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Drives      :   N/A
Terminal    :   N/A


Structure   :   Single logon screen, easily changable
Header      :   No set header
Weeding     :   By SysOp only
Display     :   At connection time


Structure   :   Linear style, nonthreaded
Bases       :   Named "Rooms", listed by number
Limits      :   Limited only by drive
            :   Enforced by hardware/SysOp
Reading     :   Forward, local new
Headers     :   Name, message number
Format      :   Text only
Writing     :   New posts only
Anonymous   :   Not allowed
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

Message Editor

Structure   :   Line editor
Commands    :   Menu system
Editing     :   Search/replace
Formatting  :   None whatsoever
Graphics    :   Not supported


Bases       :   Open directory system
Storage     :   By unkeyed filenames in directory
Limits      :   Enforced by SysOp only
Credits     :   N/A
Protocols   :   Punter
Headers     :   Filename, blocks
Selection   :   By filename
Listing     :   Directory only, from special Rooms
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

Text Libraries

Structure   :   N/A
Storage     :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :


Structure   :   From main menu, as posts to a room
Sending     :   By name
Receiving   :   On demand or at logon
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

Program Libraries

Structure   :   N/A
Programs    :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

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