Elite 1.0c


Bill Fink

An Elite Loader Screen


My programming partner for Zelch 128, and founder of Elite Software, was a Man with Ideas when he made this attempt at a BBS program from scratch for the Commodore 128. He dearly loved the look and feel of C-Net 128 (which he ran loyally for many years, even to the detriment of Zelch 128 for awhile!), but dreamed of the programmable BBS system-- the opcode menu system. When we met, I was a guy with extensive knowledge of BBS programming, but with very little imagination or style as far as appearances or possibilities go. Our combined efforts produced Zelch 128 eventually, but before this was Bill's Elite Bulletin Board System for the Commodore 128.

A very Elite Waiting for call Screen

The program, despite being called 1.0c, was in a subdevelopment stage when he gave up on it, and I can't say I really got it to run (no doubt I'm doing something wrong, as I have SEEN it run, but that's another matter).

The premise behind it is the same as Zelch 128: flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. Programmable menus, op-coded system, as little as possible is hard coded, and the main program becomes little more than a parser for the event driven menu "programs". The program, another mark of Bills, is nice to look at-- very stylish and well organized visually, if a little formal in some places (al la C-Net 128?).

Since I'm the one writing these pages, and Bill has no say, I will also note that the code sucks! Rem statements with comments?!?! Puh-leez! :)

The Facts:

Despite not being able to get it to run on my own, I do recall some of it, and poked through the code for the rest.

Hardware Information

Computer    :   Commodore 128 in 128 mode
Video       :   40 or 80 columns
Drives      :   Any CBM, limited CMD (partitions, but no subdirs)
Modems      :   1670 and Hayes only, 300-2400 baud
Input       :   Keyboard
Output      :   Screen only
RAM use     :   CBM Ramdrive compatible
Special     :


Pgm Struct  :   Single program
Menu Struct :   Programmable menus, no set structure
Translation :   ASCII, PETSCII
Access      :   14 levels, completely definable over level 1
Handle/ID   :   Handles allowed, users listed by ID
User info   :   Name, handle, computer, age, phone number, etc.
User Logs   :   Name, date
Calls/Time  :   No idle timer, calls/time definable per each access
Network     :   N/A
Customizing :   Extremely customizable
  Programs  :   Uncompiled BASIC, changable
  Displays  :   Standard SEQ files, changable
  Commands  :   Commands are op-code "programs", very changable
Areas       :
  E-mail    :   From the main menu
  Messages  :   Separate area
  Transfers :   N/A
  Network   :   N/A
  Programs  :   N/A
  Text      :   N/A
  User Cmds :   N/A
  SysOp     :   From the main menu
  Voting    :   N/A
  News      :   N/A
  Help      :   N/A
Other       :

SysOp Utilities and Support

Offline     :   SEQ file utility only
Online      :   Chat only
Remote      :   Full drive access, user editor
On-L Display:   Complete user info window
W.F.C. Utils:   Local logon only
Chatting    :   From any prompt
User        :   Full editor available
Msg Bases   :   Some integrated functions
Transfers   :   N/A
Programs    :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Drives      :   CBM-DOS prompt available
Terminal    :   Offline only


Structure   :   Single opening file?
Header      :   N/A
Weeding     :   N/A
Display     :   N/A


Structure   :   Linear unlinked style system (uncompleted)
Bases       :   Named bases, listed by number
Limits      :   Enforced by SysOp
Reading     :   Local new, or individual
Headers     :   Name, date, subject
Format      :   Text and color/graphics
Writing     :   New posts only, replies are new posts
Anonymous   :   Not allowed
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

Message Editor

Structure   :   Line editor
Commands    :   Meta character commands from blank lines
Editing     :   Rewrite, insert, delete
Formatting  :   Word wrap
Graphics    :   Supported


Bases       :   N/A
Storage     :   N/A
Limits      :   N/A
Credits     :   N/A
Protocols   :   N/A
Headers     :   N/A
Selection   :   N/A
Listing     :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :   N/A

Text Libraries

Structure   :   N/A
Storage     :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :


Structure   :   Main menu sending option
Sending     :   By ID, from main menu
Receiving   :   At logon
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

Program Libraries

Structure   :   N/A
Programs    :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

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