VortexNet 128 v4.6


Stephen Kunc


In the early days of BBSing, almost all Commodore BBS programs were ASCII-only to remain compatible with other computer types. As Commodore computers proliferated, we began to take advantage of our unique and powerful character set in BBS programming, and it seemed we would never looked back-- well, almost never.

This time, in the name of easy compatibility with network messaging, it appears we have a new (well, relatively new) ASCII-only system to consider: VortexNet.

VortexNet is designed from top to bottom, inside and out, as THE FidoNet BBS software for the Commodore 128. If you do not plan to use this program to participate in it's FidoNet capabilities, I do not recommend you use this program. It's features are fairly standard otherwise, with few bells and whistles, and a documentation system that's barely helpful to the difficult configuration task that awaits any SysOp willing to take this program on.

The Facts:

Hardware Information

Computer    :   Commodore 128
Video       :   80 columns only
Drives      :   3+ CBM drives only; restricted in configuration
Modems      :   Hayes/1670 300-2400 baud
Input       :   Keyboard only
Output      :   Screen only
RAM use     :   N/A
Special     :


Pgm Struct  :   Modular in several separate programs
Menu Struct :   Text is changable.  Hotkey system
Translation :   ASCII only
Access      :   10 levels, progressive system only
Handle/ID   :   Handles allowed, users listed by ID#
User info   :   Handle, pword,access,cols,calls,read,stat, 2 extra
User Logs   :   N/A
Calls/Time  :   Definable for each level
Network     :   FidoNet, EchoMail, Message Tosser
Customizing :   Not terribly customizable
  Programs  :   Compiled BASIC, not changable
  Displays  :   Menus are text files, most lines definable
  Commands  :   Hard coded command letters, access definable only
Areas       :   Main menu and two separate online areas
  E-mail    :   From main menu
  Messages  :   Separate menu
  Transfers :   From 'basement' menu
  Network   :   Integrated functions
  Programs  :   From main menu
  Text      :   N/A
  User Cmds :   From 'basement' menu
  SysOp     :   From 'basement' menu
  Voting    :   'basement' menu: trivia, questionaire, votes...
  News      :   At logon only
  Help      :   N/A
Other       :   N/A

SysOp Utilities and Support

Offline     :   Configuration, network, message base, text editors
Online      :   Access changer, chat, force logoff, name change
Remote      :   Complete system setup utilities
On-L Display:   User window
W.F.C. Utils:   Same as offline
Chatting    :   From almost anywhere
User        :   Complete WFC User editor available
Msg Bases   :   WFC and online editors available, no msg editors
Transfers   :   Directory editors only
Programs    :   Complete WFC editors available
Network     :   Complete WFC editors available
Drives      :   N/A
Terminal    :   N/A


Structure   :   Single textfile
Header      :   N/A
Weeding     :   N/A
Display     :   At logon


Structure   :   Linear, unthreaded
Bases       :   Named, listed by number
Limits      :   Message limit per base
            :   Limits maintained during run-time
Reading     :   By number, global, and new reading
Headers     :   To, From, date, subject
Format      :   ASCII only
Writing     :   New posts or replies, quoting supported
Anonymous   :   Supported
Network     :   Supported
Other       :

Message Editor

Structure   :   Line editor
Commands    :   Save, Insert, Delete, Continue, Edit
Editing     :   Line replace only
Formatting  :   N/A
Graphics    :   N/A


Bases       :   Open directory system with 1 base per drive (3 total)
Storage     :   As standard CBM files listed in SEQ directory files
Limits      :   Maintained by SysOp
Credits     :   N/A
Protocols   :   Xmodem CRC
Headers     :   Name, uploader, file description, size
Selection   :   By name
Listing     :   Name, bytes, uploader, file description
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

Text Libraries

Structure   :   N/A
Storage     :   N/A
Network     :   N/A
Other       :   N/A


Structure   :   Sending/receiving from main menu, reading at logon
Sending     :   From main menu
Receiving   :   From main menu or at logon
Network     :   Supported
Other       :

Program Libraries

Structure   :   Listing off main menu
Programs    :   Separate; no interaction with main program
Network     :   N/A
Other       :

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