In addition to Commodore Business Machines, other companies have, on occassion, been allowed to create gizmos and whatchamacallits that support the several Commodore computers. At times, I've been tempted to pick up some of these as well...

Storage devices:

#  Description                  Company         Extra Info
4  Hard Drive (various sizes)   CMD
2  RamLink			CMD		13meg and 4 meg
2  FD2000, 1.6meg HD floppy	CMD
1  FD4000, 3.2meg HD floppy	CMD
2  External 2X CD-ROM, SCSI	?
1  Super Drive, IEEE 170K	MSD

Cartridges/Expansion Devices:

#  Description                  Company         Extra Info
2  1750 Clone REUs		?		512K
3  SuperCPU Accellerator	CMD		C64 and 2x C128 versions, 20mhz
3  SID Symphony 		CMD		Stereo Sound chip expander
1  SwiftLink RS232 cartridge	CMD		300-36.6K baud
2  Turbo-232 RS232 cartridge	CMD		300-230K baud
2  1750XL 2 meg ram expansion	CMD
1  IEEE adaptor			Quicksilver
1  3+1 cartridge port expander	CMD
1  UserPort expander		Aprotek
1  EPROM burner			Prominade	C1
1  GEOS Ram Expansion		Berkely SWorks  GEORAM 512K
1  80 column adaptor            Batteries Incl. For C64 only
1  Printer adaptor              The Card?       The Card? +G

Input peripherals

#  Description                  Company         Extra Info
1  Light Pen			McPen
1  Voice Recognition unit	HearSay
1  Voice Recognition unit	?		Better than HearSay 1000
1  Touch Pad			Koala		Includes the stylus!
2  Smart Mouse			CMD		(with internal clock)
1  Remote/Infra-Red Joystick	?
1  Video Digitizer		Digital Vision  ComputerEyes
1  Light Pen                    Koala           Original box & stuff


#  Description			Company		Extra Info
1  28.8K modem			Boca		For my C128D system
1  56K modem                    Zoltrix         For my Amiga/PC
1  C-2400 modem			Aprotek		Commodore ready!


#  Description			Company		Extra Info
1  Jungle Hunt			AtariSoft	VIC-20
1  Battlezone			AtariSoft	VIC-20
1  Centipede			AtariSoft	VIC-20
1  Pole Position		AtariSoft	VIC-20
1  Donkey Kong			AtariSoft	VIC-20 (original packaging)
1  Pac Man			AtariSoft	VIC-20 (original packaging)
1  Buck Rogers			Sega		VIC-20
1  Star Trek SOS		Sega		VIC-20
1  Congo Bongo			Sega		VIC-20
1  Frogger			Sega		VIC-20
1  Q-Bert			Sega		VIC-20
1  Turtle Graphics		HES		VIC-20
1  Agressor			HES		VIC-20
1  Shamus			HES		VIC-20
1  Gridrunner			HES		VIC-20
1  Robot Panic			HES		VIC-20
1  Facemaker			HES		VIC-20
1  Household Finanace		Creative Soft	VIC-20
1  Black Hole			Creative Soft	VIC-20
1  Video Mania			Creative Soft	VIC-20
1  Choplifter			Creative Soft	VIC-20
1  Trashman			Creative Soft	VIC-20
1  Astroblitz			Creative Soft	VIC-20
1  Type Attack			Sirius		VIC-20
1  Space Shuttle                Activision      C-64
1  Attack of the Mutant Camels  HesWare         C-64
1  Trashman                     Creative Soft   C-64
1  Q-Bert                       Parker Bros     C-64
1  Pop-Eye                      Parker Bros     C-64
1  Star Trek                    SEGA            C-64
1  Congo Bongo                  SEGA            C-64
1  Tapper                       Bally Midway    C-64
1  Choplifter                   Broderbund      C-64
1  BCs Quest For Tires          Sierra Online   C-64
1  Jumpman Jr.                  EPYX            C-64
1  Frogger                      Parker Bros     C-64
1  Galaxian                     Atarisoft       C-64
1  Donkey Kong                  Atarisoft       C-64
1  Jungle Hunt                  Atarisoft       C-64
1  Pac-Man                      Atarisoft       C-64
1  Robotron 2084                Atarisoft       C-64
1  Moon Patrol                  Atarisoft       C-64
1  Ms. Pac-Man                  Atarisoft       C-64
1  Centipede                    Atarisoft       C-64
1  Dig Dug                      Atarisoft       C-64
1  Pole Position                Atarisoft       C-64
1  Mach-5                       ?               C-64
1  64 Forth                     HES             C-64
1  Fast Hack-em 3               Mike Henty      C-64
1  Quick Brown Fox              ?               C-64
1  Turtle Graphics II           HES             C-64
1  Super Snapshot V5            LMS Tech        C-64
1  The Final Cartridge III      RISKA           C-64
1  S'MORE                       ?               C-64
1  Fast Load                    EPYX            C-64
1  Rootin Tootin                Data East       C-64
1  Action Replay V5             ?               C-64
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