Commodore Thermostat

cbm/miscCPUs/thermostat.gif Easily one of the more curious of Commodore's products is this analog thermostat complete with day/time dials for different temperature settings.

Click below to take a look at some of the interesting pages from the manual.

cbm/miscCPUs/thermMan1lil.gif cbm/miscCPUs/thermMan2lil.gif cbm/miscCPUs/thermMan3lil.gif

And here are some pictures of the box it came in... cbm/miscCPUs/thermBoxlil.gif 2

And here are some pictures of those golden analog logic board(s)... cbm/miscCPUs/thermBoardlil.gif 2 3

And lastly, here are the inside liner notes on the unit which tell the user how to set the temperature and time. cbm/miscCPUs/thermInstrlil.gif

Personal Note: This thermostat was, believe it or not, an outright gift from Joe Torre at the 2003 Spring Commodore Expo in Louisville, KY.

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