Commodore 2000K

A relic of Commodore's first days with MOS Technologies, this happy little "Pong" clone connects to a normal PAL television set and allows from one to four players to play such classics as Tennis, Target (with an optional light gun), Football (aka Soccer), and Squash. There is also a gage for difficulty level (handicap), and another for the number of players and other settings. The system comes with a 220V->6V adaptor, but also takes six AA batteries!

The system comes with two seperated paddles which fit neatly into the unit for storage, and another pair of paddles which plug into ports on the back of the machine. A turndial selects between the available games, while switches select between other options.

Strangely, the 2000K seems superior to the 3000H where the controllers are concerned. Unlike the 3000H's "sliders", the 2000K has more versatile and easier to grip controllers. The 2000K controllers are also seperable from the unit, unlike the 3000H's built-in controller.

Like its big brother, the 3000H, the 2000K has but one major chip, the mysterious MOS 7601. Along with a half-dozen minor ICs in a supporting role, the 7601 makes this entire system go. The 2000K was only released in Europe, a product of Commodore International, Ltd.

Personal Note: Another eBay find. Nostalgia for such games really makes me want to sit down and play with this. However, unless I can figure out how to get a PAL channel 35 or 36 out of my NTSC television, it will be tough. :)

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