The Commodore
64GS Games System

The "GS" in "Commodore 64GS" stands for "Game System", although this unit is basically just a repackaged Commodore 64 without a keyboard, port access, or standard ROM chip. Cartridges were loaded through the top port, and the machine came packaged with a joystick and a couple of game cartridges to get you started.

This machine was released in 1989, but was probably about 6 years too late. Commodore never really could figure out the Game Console market, or how to make inroads in it. Still, the Commodore 64gs is a fun idea that should have done well. Reports are that this machine spurred Commodore to really promote cartridge production, especially in Europe. There was only about 5,000 to 10,000 of them made. Most were made for the UK and European market. This project was done very quickly for the Christmas sales season of 1989.

Statistics and features:

CPU: CSG 6510 RAM: 64 kilobytes

ROM: 16 kilobytes

Video: MOS 8565 "VIC-II"
Sound: MOS 8580 "SID" Ports: MOS 6526 CIA Resources:

Personal Note: This machine was quite a lucky find. It was purchased from an English collector who provided lots of cartridges and goodies to play with. Which I did, for awhile. However, I got the C116 soon after, and needed the space in front of my PAL converter, so this little beauty got boxed away.

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