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8032SK, 8096SK and PET 200

cbm/PetsNBs/8032sk.gif While the CBM-II line was busily being released, Commodore, wisely, took the opportunity to repackage their PET business line in the same attractive case style.

Like the CBM 8032, the 8032SK comes with 32K of addressable RAM (all available to BASIC), a crisp 80 column green display, full business keyboard with numeric keypad, and the BASIC 4.0 environment for programming and file access.

cbm/PetsNBs/8096sk.gif Although internally the 8032sk and 8096sk are still just 8032s and 8096s respectively, externally, they have been greatly enhanced by the new smooth plastic case design, swivel monitor, and an external keyboard. Some models in this line have been found to include internal 8050 or 8250 disk drives.

Over in Europe, the CBM 8032SK could occasionally be found rebadged as the PET 200. Whether this is only in Sweden, or also elsewhere, and how this got passed the Philips trademark problem, are open questions.

Either way, the 8032SK and their kin are both widely admired by Commodore fans and computer collectors for their extremely attractive case designs. The maintainer of this collection is no exception.


Statistics, features, and PET 8032SK/8096SK/200 Resources:

CPU: MOS 6502 RAM: 32k standard ROM: 20 Kilobytes

Video: MOS Technology 6545 CRTC Sound: Piezo electronic speaker. Ports: MOS 6520 PIA, MOS 6522 VIA Keyboard: Full 73 key QWERTY Resources:

Personal Note: The 8032SK is one of my favorite PETs. I yearned for it for quite awhile before being presented with an opportunity to pick one up from an eBay auction. When I received it, I quickly upgraded the power supply to 110V. This is, simply, the most beautiful computer ever made. The 8096SK came later, of course, but from the same source, and the PET 200 came from an unsolicited offer by a really nice guy named Steen.

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