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Amiga 1200
Amiga 1200HD/40


Please read an introduction to Amigas in the Amiga 1000 entry.

The Amiga 1200 and 600 are clearly the best Amigas made. They are compact, compatible, powerful, and feature-rich.

Of the two, the 1200 is the higher end model, being based off the 68020 chip as opposed to the 68040 of its peer Amiga 4000. Careful consideration was taken to make the machine expandable, powerful, compatible with modern hardware, and yet compact and friendly. Many are upgraded to tower computers using third-party expansions. Numerous upgrade paths are available as well, including larger hard drives, CD-ROM drives, accellerators, memory, and even network cards via it's PCMCIA slot.

Statistics, features, and A1200 resources:

CPU: Motorola 68020EC cbm/amiga/a1200boxed.gif RAM: 2048 kilobytes

ROM: 512 kilobytes

Video: CSG "Lisa & Amber" chip

Sound: CSG "Portia/Paula" chip
cbm/amiga/a1200back.gif Ports: CSG "Portia/Paula" chip
cbm/amiga/a1200a.gif Keyboard: Full-sized 95 key QWERTY Extra hardware: Resources:

Personal Note: Another eBay find. Since the description is really more of a commentary, I will let it stand.

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