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Commodore/Amiga 4000/040
4000/040 & 4000T


Please read an introduction to Amigas in the Amiga 1000 entry.


The last home computer ever released by Commodore Business Machines was the Amiga 4000. Significant upgrades to the video system (AGA and HAM8) gave Amiga users new found resolutions and colors, at the cost of compatibility with the older Amiga ECS and OCS systems. Advanced models came with a 68040 at 25mhz, typically on the CPU expansion port. The 4000 desktop also introduced Amiga users (along with the Amiga 1200HD) to the ATAPI/IDE system for the control of hard drives instead of the SCSI controller found in Amiga 3000s. The SCSI controller was re-introduced into the design of the 4000T.

The Amiga 4000T is technically a Commodore product, though fewer than 100 were actually manufactured and sold before Commodore went under. A few years later, ESCOM, the purchaser of the Amiga assets, allowed Amiga to manufacture and release the 4000T, which is why most 4000T machines are Amiga/ESCOM products, though the motherboard still proudly proclaims itself a product of Commodore Electronics, Ltd.


Statistics, features, and A4000(T) resources:

CPU: Motorola 68040
cbm/amiga/a4000open.gif RAM: 6144 kilobytes ROM: 512 kilobytes

Video: CSG "Lisa & Amber" chip

Sound: CSG "Portia/Paula" chip
cbm/amiga/a4000ports.gif Ports: CSG "Portia/Paula" chip
cbm/amiga/a4000kybd.gif Keyboard: Full-sized 95 key QWERTY Extra hardware: Resources:

Personal Note: Yet another set of eBay finds. :) These are today my main Amiga machines. They are decked out.

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