cbm/PetsNBs/128-80.gif The CBM 128-80 sits at the top of the CBM-II line. The stylishly curved plastic case with detachable keyboard and built in monitor are a contrast to the rest of the CBM-II models, giving it the "High Profile" distinction.

The CBM 128-80 HP is the little brother to the CBM 256-80 HP and was known as the CBM 710 in Europe. Like the other CBM-II models, the 128-80 has a full-sized qwerty keyboard, 80 column display, Commodore BASIC 4.0, RS232-C and IEEE-488 ports, and the ability to attach an optional 8088 or Z-80 coprocessor board. The CBM 128-80 HP has 128K of banked memory, and the particular model in this collection was also lucky enough to include the 8088 coprocessor board for running MS-DOS programs. MS-DOS compatility was considered an important feature at the time, as IBM was just beginning to envelope the business computing world. This model also included a third party IEC board for using Commodore serial drives, such as the 1541

The CBM-II High profile machines, which include the CBM 128-80, 256-80, 710, and 720, could all be purchased with built-in disk drives. These drives are said to be 8050 compatible mechanisms.


Statistics, features, and CBM 128-80 resources:

cbm/256-80/256-80-8088.gif CPU: MOS 6509 RAM: 128 Kilobytes
cbm/256-80/256-80-motherboardLil.gif ROM: 24 Kilobytes

Video: MOS 6545 CTRC Sound: MOS 6581 SID
cbm/256-80/256-80backLil.gif Ports: CSG 6551/6525x2/6526 Keyboard: Full-sized 102 key QWERTY Resources

Personal Note:This little beauty came from the fabled George Page collection.

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