No picture
(Power light off)

VIC not "on"

Make sure power switch
is in "on" position

VIC not plugged in

Check power socket
next to power switch

Power supply not
plugged in

Check connection
with wall outlet

Bad fuse in VIC

Take VIC to your
"Authorized Commodore
Service Center" for
replacement of fuse (The
VIC uses a 3 amp
SLO-BLO fuse)

No picture
(Power light off)

TV on wrong channel

Check Channel 3 and 4
for picture

Incorrect hookup

VIC hooks up to "VHF"
terminals on TV

Modulator not plugged in

Check connection at
5-pin Video Port

Modulator on wrong channel

Flip switch on modulator

Video cable not connected

Check connection on

Computer needs to be reset

Try turning VIC off for a
few seconds, then back on

Picture without
color (Try TV &
modulator on
channel 3 &4)

Poorly tuned TV

Retune TV

Picture with
poor color

Bad color adjustment on TV
(see "picture without color")

Adjust color, hue (tint) and
brightness controls on TV

Picture with excess
background noise

TV volume up too high
(see "picture without color")

Adjust volume of TV

Picture OK, but
no sound

TV volume too low

Adjust volume of TV

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