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Commodore 8296 & 8296D

cbm/PetsNBs/8296.gif Among the refashioned CBM line of computers, the 8296 stands above many as the ultimate business micro. Based on the 8032 architecture, this computer features 128K of external expansion memory, and the "Execudesk": a ROM capable of launching an included suite of disk-based business applications.

When powered on, the 8296 displays the Execudesk menu (see below), which features options for loading the disk-based applications, shutting down the system, or "exiting" to BASIC. When in BASIC mode, the 8296 is essentially the same as an 8096, with, of course, the nicer case design ,sloped detachable keyboard, and swivel monitor. The 8296-D comes with a built in 8250 disk drive, which is a dual 1024K DS/DD 5.25" floppy unit.

Statistics, features, and PET 8296 Resources:

CPU: MOS 6502
cbm/PetsNBs/8296d.gif RAM: 160K (32k standard)

ROM: 24 Kilobytes

Video: MOS Technology 6545 CRTC Sound: Piezo electronic speaker. Ports: MOS 6520 PIA, MOS 6522 VIA Keyboard: Full 73 key QWERTY
cbm/PetsNBs/8296sc.gif Resources:

Personal Note: This machine was obtained from a German auction site. I enjoyed playing with it so much (since it looks just like an 8032sk), I wrote my archiver "emutil" on it.

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