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Commodore Dynamic Total Vision (CDTV)


Commodore has always been kind-of a "lurker" in the Game Console market. They always had an offering, but noone ever really noticed. No machine really captures that sense better than the CDTV.

The CDTV is essentially a high powered computer pinned back for game console use. It plays standard music CDs, CDTV game CDs, and CD+G (lyrics displayed) CDs. The CDTV can easily be turned into the full computer it is. All the standard Amiga computer ports are already there, and items like Monitor, Mouse, Floppy Drive, and Keyboard were all just an extra purchase away.


The CDTV, I suppose like all Amigas, had video capabilities matched only by high powered modern computers. Full-motion video games were available that just knocked your socks off visually (though they weren't really much fun to play, in my opinion).


Statistics, features, and CDTV resources:

CPU: Motorola 68000 RAM: 1024 kilobytes ROM: 512 kilobytes
cbm/cons/cdtvcomplete.gif Video: CSG "Daphne/Denise" chip Sound: CSG "Portia/Paula" chip
cbm/cons/cdtvportsl.gif cbm/cons/cdtvportsr.gif Ports: CSG "Portia/Paula" chip Keyboard: {Optional}

cbm/cons/cdtvremote.gif Extra hardware:

Personal Note: The unboxed one was purchased from a couple who were selling it on a newsgroup. The boxed CDTV from an eBay auction. I have been delighted with the abilities of this machine, as well as with the many games and "demo" type CDs available for it. Why this never took off, well, I can kinda see. The games weren't quite numerous enough, but I still enjoy the CDTV personally.

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