Commodore P500

And now we come to the one and only member of the PET-II line, the P500. Part of the 1982-83 line of CBM-II ('B') machines (featuring the B5XX-B7XX computers), this was designed to be the 'P'rofessional/Scientific version of their 'B'usiness computers. They were also reportedly recalled due to mismanagement by Commodore distributors and retailers.

cbm/p500/p500slant-small.gif cbm/p500/p500-small.gif

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As a computer, it resembles the low profile CBM-IIs in appearance, as well as in basic design and capabilities. The biggest difference is the existence of the VIC-II video chip (the same one in the Commodore 64) and a pair of joystick ports. A great collectors find, and I dearly hope to find time to study this machine more closely in the future.

And Speaking of those ports, here they are. From left->right, RS232, Video DIN, cassette, expansion (cartridge), Ground, Audio, Power, IEEE-488, Joystick X 2.


Inside, the motherboard resembles the CBM-II line very closely:

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On the left, you'll see the three 8K ROM chips, just below ye olde power supply. That's not the original power supply, of course, but a 120V I "borrowed" from a spare B500. To the right, you'll see the IO chips, memory, and other fun stuff.
cbm/p500/p500botlft.gif cbm/p500/p500midrt.gif

Statistics and features:

CPU: CSG 6509 RAM: 128 kilobytes, expandable to 720k

ROM: 24 kilobytes

Video: CSG 6569 "VIC-II" Sound: CSG 6581 "SID" Ports: CSG 6551/6522 Keyboard: Full-sized 102 key QWERTY Resources

Personal Note:This machine came from the fabled George Page collection. Previously I kept a converted PAL P500, but this one is American through and through, so I decided to keep it instead.

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