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Commodore PC-I



Although most of the computers in Commodores PC-line were meant for business sales, this little thing seems to have been put together for home user consumption. It is small and lightweight and very cute, though not easily expandable. Reportedly, there was a module which could be purchased seperately that could be mounted beneath the PC-I. This module provided the ISA slots missing on the stock computer.

The PC-I shipped with the Commodore 1450 CGA monitor (not yet in this collection), as well as MS-DOS 3.1 and GW-BASIC. Amiga-compatible mice were completely compatible with this computer, much like the other Commodore PCs with bus-mouse ports (the PC10-III, etc).

Statistics, features, and PC-I resources:

CPU: Siemens 8088 RAM: 512 kilobytes ROM: 256k
Video: Hercules Sound: 1 channel mono (No Buzzer)

Additional Hardware:

Ports:6551, MC6845, MOS 5720
Keyboard: Full-sized 84 key QWERTY

Personal Note:Another lucky find! This was purchased through negotiations with a great fellow from Germany named Stefan Walgenbach. I also got the CBM 610 from this guy-- he's quite the salesman!

On another note, I'd like to extend some special thanks to Mr. Glenn Millar of Northern Ireland for helping me out with some good facts about this computer. Thanks Glenn!

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