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Commodore PC-Compatibles (80386 based)

Please read the introduction to Commodore PC compatibles at this link before continueing.

Commodore kept pace with the large slew of PC-Clone producers cropping up during the late 1980s and early 1990s. In addition to further models in the PCXX line of computers, Commodore also began to differentiate itself by going with cutting-edge case designs. At this time, the tower computer was the craze. Commodore also introduced it's "SlimLine" series, which were principally 386 computers in compact PC cases.

Model    : PC50-II
Processor: Intel 80386DX/16 (80387mcu)
Memory   : 8 megabytes!
Storage  : 5.25" and 3.5" drives, 42mb hd
Video    : CGA through Color VGA
Notes    : 2rs232, 16mhz CPU

Model    : PC60-III
Processor: Intel 80386
Memory   : 18 megabytes!
Storage  : 5.25"(2) and 3.5"(2) drive2, 80mb hd
Video    : CGA through Color VGA
Notes    : HEAVY AS HECK!

Model    : SL 386SX (PC50-III)
Processor: Intel 80386/25MHZ
Memory   : 1 megabytes
Storage  : 3.5" drive, 200mb hd
Video    : CGA through Color SVGA
Notes    :
Model    : 386DX-33C
Processor: Intel 80386/33MHZ
Memory   : 8 megabytes
Storage  : 3.5" drive, 5.25" drive, 200mb hd
Video    : CGA through Color SVGA
Notes    :

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