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Commodore PC-Compatibles (80486)

Please read the introduction to Commodore PC compatibles at this link before continueing.

As the 1990s bloomed, Commodore saw themselves losing the PC price war to other manufacturers, but still had amazing brand loyalty to capitalize on. The Intel 80486-based computers then became the line that was entirely OEMed, without any internal board design.

Model    : 486SX-25
Processor: Intel 80486sX
Memory   : 4 megabytes!
Storage  : 3.5" drive, 150mb hd
Video    : Color VGA
Notes    : 

Model    : 486DX-33C
Processor: Intel 80486dx
Memory   : 8 megabytes!
Storage  : 3.5" drive, 150mb hd (300mb)
Video    : Color SVGA
Notes    : cd-rom

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