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The 264 Series

cbm/VICnTED/plus4.gif The middle tier of the 264 series consisted initially of the Commodore 264 when first announced. Only the Commodore Plus/4 made it to market, however. The Plus/4 is essentially the same as the Commodore 264, except that it also has the infamous 3+1 software package.

The Commodore Plus/4 was to be Commodore's new upgrade for the infamous Commodore 64. As mentioned previously though, for many reasons, it is hardly an upgrade at all. The cool part about the Plus/4, however, is the internal software package. Despite being an awful package (even for the time), it is still easy to get to, and fully integrated. The package includes a Word Processor capable of only 100 lines or so of 80 column text. The on-screen editing functionality is very buggy, however. Also included is a Spreadsheet program, that is fairly easy to use (if you have all the command codes on a reference sheet nearby). The last program is a database program. This functionality is ok for small concerns, but extremely limited otherwise, and somewhat slow.

Statistics, features, and Plus/4 resources:

cbm/c264/Plus4open.gif CPU: MOS Technology 7501 RAM: 64 kilobytes
cbm/c264/Plus4sc.gif ROM: 64 kilobytes
cbm/c264/Plus4Side1.gif Video: MOS Technology 7360 "TED"
cbm/c264/Plus4Side2.gif Sound: MOS Technology 7360 "TED" Ports: MOS 7360
cbm/c264/Plus4Back.gif Keyboard: Full-sized 67 key QWERTY Resources:

Personal Note: he Plus/4 came from the local Good Will ComputerWorks. I still keep my Plus/4 plugged in and set up, as I use it for writing quick little letters, and doing my home budgeting.

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