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The Commodore SX64

"Executive Computer"

cbm/c64/sx64closed.gif The SX64 is another example of pure Commodore excellence. Taking their immensely popular Commodore 64 and packaging it in the worlds FIRST color portable computer was nothing short of a stroke of genius.

The SX64 is a heavy beast, surrounded by a strong metal casing with its power supply located on the bottom (or back) of the unit. The case also has a large handle for carrying it around, or for proping up the unit for use (as shown in the pictures). The unit comes with a fully compatible Commodore 64 computer inside, as well as a mostly compatible 1541 disk drive configured as drive 8. A detachable keyboard snaps onto the front to act as a protective plate for the system.

cbm/sx64/sx64-kybd.gif When opened the SX64 reveals a four inch, full-color monitor, and a built in speaker allow the user to enjoy all the capabilities of the computer unit. A small compartment above the disk drive acts as a free bay for cables. Otherwise, the only differences between SX64s and standard Commodore 64s are the screen colors used at startup and better support for the internal disk drive. The SX64 uses startup colors more suited to the small display. The better disk drive support came at the expense of the tape drive support built in to the regular Commodore 64.

Rumor has it that Commodore meant to also release an DX64, which would have included a second disk drive in the free bay area. Power contraints, so I've heard, made it impractical.

Statistics and features:

CPU: MOS 6510 RAM: 64 kilobytes (68K w/1541)

ROM: 20 kilobytes (36k w/1541)

Video: MOS 6569 "VIC-II" Sound: MOS 6581 "SID"
Ports: MOS 6526 CIA x2 Keyboard: Full-sized 62 key QWERTY Additional hardware: Commodore 1541 Disk Drive Resources:


Personal Note: I *love* these! Both of mine are upgraded and babyed to death. I keep one right by my main computer in order to multi-task. :) Both of my SX64s were acquired in the late 80's in Tucson, Arizona at a local swap meet.

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