Teacher's PET

cbm/PetsNBs/teachersPet.gif First check out the PET 2001 entry for more general information on Commodore PET computers.

At the dawn of home computing, schools at all levels scrambled to give their students access to this new cheaper technology. The size of such a market was enormous, and so Commodore marketing did what they could to take advantage of this demand, at the cost of their competitors. One such tactic was their "Buy 3 (or 2?) PETs, get 1 Free" promotion. When taken advantage of, the "free" PET might be one of these: the Teacher's PET.

As this promotion spanned the transition from the original chiclet-keyboard 2001-8 to the full keyboard 2001-8N models, it is possible to find "Teacher's PET"s in both varieties. This would also include variation in the screen color. While most 2001-8 models had the white phosphor screens, this one has the green screen more popular in later varieties.

Statistics, features, and PET 2001 Series resources:

cbm/PETx/teachersPetmotherboardLil.gif CPU: MOS 6502 RAM: 8K model

ROM: 20 Kilobytes

Video: Discrete TTL Sound: Piezo electronic speaker.
cbm/PETx/2001keyboard.gif Ports: MOS 6520 PIA, MOS 6522 VIA Resources:

Personal Note: The Teacher's PET was picked up from eBay.

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