"Commodore 64" Web-It Internet Computer

This computer was designed and build by Web Computers International. The Commodore brand was licensed to them by ESCOM, who held the brand name briefly after Commodore's demise. The computer, though low-powered by todays standards, is a nifty hardware design. Built in flash-drive, modem, TV-out, VGA-out, touch-pad with optional pointer. The software, however, was dismal -- Windows, some sort of Lotus office suite, Netscape, and a C64 Emulator.


Model    : Web-It
Processor: AMD Elan SC405 66-100MHz
Memory   : 16 megabytes!
Storage  : 2 megabyte flash-drive, 3.5" floppy
Video    : VGA, S-Video
Notes    : Windows, Apps, Netscape, modem, PCMCIA

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