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Commodore 1551

The release of the 264 series computers in 1984 (the Commodore 116, 16, Plus/4, etc) brought with it the new TED chip. Since this chip was capable of sound, video, and I/O, Commodore did their best to take advantage of all of these features. An example of the TED's I/O features being put to use is the European-built Commodore 1551 disk drive. Designed entirely for 264 series computers, this disk drive connects to the proprietary TED parallel port of these computers, delivering enhanced I/O speed.

Like all Commodore disk drives, the 1551 is a smart device, containing it's own processor and memory. It stores 170k per disk standard.


Model    : 1551
Type     : 5.25" Floppy Disk
Media    : Single Sided, Single Density
Capacity : 170K per disk
Interface: TED parallel port
Dos      : CBM DOS 2.6
Notes    : Demo disk

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