Commodore 1565 Disk Drive

Like its parent computer, the Commodore 65, this drive is a prototype. Like the internal 3.5" drive in the C65, the 1565 uses a Chinon mechanism, and both reads and writes the standard 1581 disk format. When connected, the drive is recognized by the computer as device #9.

Resembling more an Amiga drive in design than a standard Commodore 8-bit drive, the 1565 is a relatively "stupid" unit controlled entirely by the Commodore 65s internal logic. It connects to the computer through a 8 pin mini-din. The particular cable I use has "Commodore 1521" written on the label, but lord only knows that a 1521 is.


Model    : 1565
Type     : 3.5" Floppy Disk
Media    : Double Density
Capacity : 800K per disk
Interface: 8-pin mini-din
Dos      : Internal to C65
Notes    : Prototype

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