Commodore/Amiga 1020 Disk Drive

cbm/amidrives/a1020.gif The A1020 is not merely a 5.25" drive for Amiga users. The A1020 was intended to act as a bridge to standard PCs by allowing an Amiga to read PC-formatted 5.25" floppies. In fact, each drive was sold with a copy of a popular PC-emulator called "The Transformer". The A1020 utilizes an ALPS mechanism and a modified 1571 drive case.

Although I had a lot of trouble myself, I've been told that the 1020 can also be used with the regular AmigaOS, though both mounting and disk changes have to be done manually.

Model    : Amiga 1020
Type     : 5.25" Floppy Disk Drive
Media    : Double Density
Capacity : 360K per disk
Interface: Amiga "Floppy" bus
Dos      : N/A (Computer controlled)
Notes    :

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