Commodore/Amiga 590 Hard Drive

cbm/amidrives/a590.gif The interface on the Amiga 590 is unique to the Amiga 500. Unlike the other Amiga disk drives, which reside on the Amigas "Floppy" bus, these drives actually plug into the Amiga 500s expansion bus (where memory expansion, CPU upgrades, and other peripherals would also go).

The A590 includes an RDB and SCSIDirect compatible SCSI adaptor along with 2 megabytes of RAM expansion. The A590 also includes an XTIDE interface, which is the 8-bit version of the modern ATA IDE. Reportedly, some 590s were actually shipped with XTIDE drives, though most included SCSI units.


Model    : Amiga 590
Type     : Hard Drive
Media    : SCSI or XTIDE
Capacity : 20mb drive space, 2mb ram
Interface: Amiga 500 Expansion bus
Dos      : N/A (Computer controlled)
Notes    :

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