Commodore 4010 Voice Response Unit

The purpose of this neat little gizmo is to produce human-like speach at the behest of the Commodore PET computer controlling it. The unit connects to the special PET User Port, with a standard IEEE-488 cable, and includes both a volume knob as well as a speaker/headphone jack for the audio output. An internal speaker is also available.

Inside, a logic board contains over 20 small unremarkable chips, as well as a large black square plastic unit roughly the size of an Intel 486 processor. What purpose it might serve is unknown. This system includes a datasette with the software necessary to control the unit.


Model     : 4010
Type      : Voice Response Unit
Connection: User Port
Power     : 12.5VAC 0.8 Watt Adapter
Notes     : Download the TALK utility
Notes     : Download the Manual (Scanned by Bombjack)

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