Commodore EPROM programmer

It's cool to imagine that some of the chips inside my computers might have been been developed using one of these. It might also have been a marketed product, however. The CSG designation and edge connector interface clearly places it between 1979 and 1983 or so.

Lacking software, there is not much more that can be discovered. However, inspection shows that it has a unique programming interface. The programmer is not entirely software driven for programming. There appears to be a slot for a small 16 pin module with an EPROM type designated on the surface of the module. This is probably a module which is required in order to "teach" the programmer how to deal with different types of EPROMs. The owner probably had one of these modules for each of the numerous EPROMs he or she had to program. This particular unit has one for the 2316 EPROM.

Model     : Unknown
Type      : EPROM Programmer
Connection: PET User Port? IEEE?
Notes     : Need software!

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