Commodore 1680/RS1200

The Commodore 1680 is a standard, hayes compatible 300/1200 baud modem which uses the standard RS232 interface. It was marketed at the Amiga computer. Since the Amiga, like every other computer of its day, was using a standard 9/25 pin RS232 interface for modems, the Amiga was able to use ANY RS232 modem. For this reason, as modem technology shot forward, the 1680 would become Commodores last marketed modem in the U.S. The box and marketing material refer to the modem as the Amiga RS1200. The FCC sticker, however, lists the model as "1680".

History: The Commodore 1680 was designed by Jeff Porter and Andy Finkel. It was based on an early C64 modem (the 1670?). Their goal was to design an Amiga controlled answering machine, but the business side would only green-light the modem itself.

Model      : 1680
Connection : Direct Line/Connect
Interface  : Standard 25 pin RS232
Speed      : 300/1200 baud
Notes      : Pulse and Tone dial

Personal Note:Thanks to Brian Bagnall for the historical tidbit.

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