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Commodore 1520

cbm/printers/vic1520.gif Although it was, perhaps, not a great commercial success, the 1520 Printer/ Plotter from Commodore is a great achievement. The 1520 contains four tiny pens, not unlike the ball-point pens we write with every day. Each of these pens is a different color, and only one is activated at a time, though any can be activated at any time by telling the printer to switch to another color. Other commands tell the pen how far up or down to draw, which direction to "turn", and at what angle to draw. Hours of fun can be had just writing the little programs to instruct your plotter in the drawing of many wonderous things. The 1520 is also capable of text printing, though it achieves this by "drawing" each letter (which is very entertaining to behold).

Model     : VIC-1520
Type      : Four-pen, Four-color Plotter
Resolution: Continuous
Paper Feed: Friction
Interface : CBM Serial Bus
Notes     : Commands summary

cbm/printers/PicFrom1520geom.gif cbm/printers/PicFrom1520dutchhex.gif
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