Commodore 64 Cartridges

The original incarnations of the 64, like the VIC-20 before it, was designed as a cartridge based system. Although catridges were never the mainstay of C64 gaming, they got plenty of attention from Commodore.

              GS cart (C64GS cart w/ 4 games)
              Super Games (C64G cart w/ 3 games)
C64104        Super Expander 64
C64108        Simons' BASIC
C64200        Easycalc
C64228        Financial Advisor
C64312        Number Nabber/Shape Grabber
C64320        A Bee Cs
C64402        Music Machine
C64403        Music Composer
C64601        Jupiter Lander
C64602        Kickman
C64603        Sea Wolf
C64604        Speed Math/Bingo Math
C64605        Radar Rat Race
C64606        Clowns
C64609        Visible Solar System
C64610        Tooth Invaders
C64612        Blueprint
C64613        Lazarian
C64614        Omega Race
C64615        Wizard of Wor
C64616        Le Mans
C64617        Pinball Spectacular
C64618        Gorf
C64619        Solar Fox
C64621        Avenger
C64622        Super Smash
C64623        Star Post
C64624        Frogmaster
C64631        Star Ranger
C64632        Dragonsden
C64635        International Soccer
C64636        Viduzzles
C64638        Jack Attack
C64801        Magic Desk I

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