Commodore 64 CP/M Z-80 Cartridge

On the side of every Commodore 64 box is the promise that the computer inside would run CP/M software. This promise was made back when the Digital Research CP/M operating system was king in the Business arena, and MS-DOS (much less Windows) was not even heard of. Anyway, this promise was also not quite true. You needed a little help to run CP/M on a Commodore 64, and this was it. From what I understand, very little CP/M software actually runs using this device, and the standard Commodore 64 disk drives were unable to read standard MFM-formatted disks. Still, it kept the promise, sort of.

Support file transfer software for this cartridge is maintained by Phil Lange of Dayton, Ohio. He may be contacted at plange@juno.com.

Model     : C64 CP/M
Type      : Z-80 CP/M system
Resources : Z-80 processor to boot CP/M OS
Connection: C64 Expansion port
Notes     :

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