Commodore VIC-20 Cartridges

Since the VIC-20 was primarily intended to be a cartridge based system, it seems fitting to keep tabs on the cartridges that were made for it. A few were utilities to bring out the computer in your VIC. Others were games to hold back your temptation to buy an Atari 2600 or something similar.

Commodore VIC-1001   Waterloo Structured BASIC

Commodore VIC-1212   Programmers Aid Cartridge
Commodore VIC-1213   Machine Language Monitor
Commodore VIC-????   Diagnostic Cartridge

Commodore VIC-1901   Avenger
Commodore VIC-1902   Star Battle
Commodore VIC-1904   Slot
Commodore VIC-1905   Jelly Monsters
Commodore VIC-1906   Alien
Commodore VIC-1907   Jupiter Lander
Commodore VIC-1908   Poker
Commodore VIC-1909   Road Race
Commodore VIC-1910   Radar Ratrace
Commodore VIC-1911   The Sky Is Falling
Commodore VIC-1912   Mole Attack
Commodore VIC-1913   Raid On Fort Knox
Commodore VIC-1914   Adventure Land
Commodore VIC-1915   Pirate's Cove
Commodore VIC-1916   Mission Impossible
Commodore VIC-1917   The Count
Commodore VIC-1918   VooDoo Castle
Commodore VIC-1919   Sargon II Chess
Commodore VIC-1920   Pinball
Commodore VIC-1921   Super Smash
Commodore VIC-1922   Cosmic Cruncher
Commodore VIC-1923   Gorf
Commodore VIC-1924   Omega Race
Commodore VIC-1925   Money Wars
Commodore VIC-1926   Menagerie
Commodore VIC-1927   Cosmic Jailbreak
Commodore VIC-1928   Home Babysitter
Commodore VIC-1929   Personal Finance
Commodore VIC-1930   Visible Solar System
Commodore VIC-1931   Clowns
Commodore VIC-1932   Garden Wars
Commodore VIC-1933   Speed Math/Bingo Math
Commodore VIC-1934   **** does not exist ***
Commodore VIC-1935   Commodore Artist
Commodore VIC-1936   **** does not exist ***
Commodore VIC-1937   Sea Wolf
Commodore VIC-1938   Tooth Invaders
Commodore VIC-1939   Star Post
Commodore VIC-1940   **** does not exist ***
Commodore VIC-1941   Number Nabber, Shape Grabber

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