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In my younger days, when programming was new to me, and BBSs a new obsession, I met a great collection of people on those carrier waves. Some that I met were as excited about programming as I was. Machine Language and BASIC were the weapons of choice, and our mutual support and efforts brought outs tons of little programs to demonstrate our art. Some were very good, to be sure, and some-- well, we were new at this, remember.

We wrote our programs for the glory of Planet Ink., and made them freeware under this name as well as our own. This page was written to remember those golden years of mine, and to offer some of those programs as a final tribute.

Over the years corrupted disks, sad formatting mistakes, and unrecognized files prevent me from bringing something even close to the original collection. Most of these, in fact, are mine.. but none of the good ones. :)

If you enjoy any of them, be sure to leave me mail. If you hate them.., don't. :)

Character Editor

An all-machine language character set editor for the Commodore 64. Load the machine language file you download and run it by entering "sys49152". Select the character you wish to edit and use the space bar to turn pixels on and off on the editor screen. Your work can be loaded and saved to disk.

Disk Filer 64

If there is a single problem we Commodore 8 bit users have, it is our endless collections of disks full of programs. Should we actually need to find something, the task may prove impossible. Well, here is a great little program that allows those disks and their contents to be easily sorted and kept track of. It is written in 99% BASIC, with a small machine language file for the selection sort routine. The source code for the ML file is included.

Martian Crusher!

The first human base on Mars is under brutal assault from the air and ground as the wicked Martians declare war on you and your hovver craft. Crush the enemy tanks and shoot down the dive bombers, but watch your fuel. This is an 90% BASIC game written as an excersize in sprites and sound on the Commodore 64. Joystick required.

64 Miniword v2.5

The 64 Miniword is a small screen editing word processor complete with word wrap and unwordwrap, insert and delete lines, and tons of other convenient features. It produces PRG files, and even if you don't need a new word processor, you'll need it to read the doc files for some of these programs. The miniword files in these collections end in the extension ".mw".

Smurfs 128

The younger kids will like this hide and run game for the Commodore 128 in 40 columns. Guide each lovable blue character from their starting place to the bottom left hand corner of their big white house. The evil dude himself is on their tail, but you can hide in a tent until it's safe to run. I wrote this one many moons ago....


ZOS is the bare bones of a CBM-DOS shell for the Commodore 64. Load the machine language program and activate it by entering "sys49152". Now the shell can be entered by hitting the F1 key. DOS commands, a directory, and other forgotton functions are included. Just hit return on a drive prompt to exit. The source code is included in case you want to add anything.


Complete disk image archiver. Will work on all Commodore and CMD drive types. Runs on the Commodore 64 or a CBM PET with 16k or more. Creates single or multiple image archives, compressed or uncompressed. Creates and dissolves the .D64 and .D81 formats.

Fortune Wheel

Spin the wheel and win fabulous prizes by guessing the puzzling phrases. Buy a vowel or win money on correct consonant guesses. It works well as a one player game because wrong guesses cost you money, and free spins can save you from this fate. Also includes a used letters list so you don't re-guess. Has tons of puzzles to play. Spend your prize money on ceramic dalmations! Written in 100% BASIC.

Number Guess 128

An interesting variation on the classic number guessing game.. sometimes the computer will lie, or you may be swept into other new and interesting puzzles along the way. For the Commodore 128 in 40 columns.


This is a simple utility for finding the hidden words in a word search puzzle. Enter the puzzle into the program and type in the words you seek. This program will then tell you exactly where the words are hidden in the puzzle. A file saving glitch also gives you, two for one, some pieces of a game I worked on at one time called "Space Attack!".

LAP 64

This is a new variation on machine language coding. Enter your programs into the LAP environment using line numbers. Load, Save, and Compile the programs for testing within the environment. This package includes a documentation file covering the new commands and differing mnemonics from standard 6510 assembly. The docs file is in 64 Miniword format, so you may want to download that as well.

Superman Sam

They call him "The Skateboardin' Man" and he'll need every bit of that skill if he expects to conquer his enemies in this 2 level game written in BASIC. On the first level, Sam must navigate himself above his rival in a multi-floored building and pounce on him while in "Super" mode. His rival attempts to do the same, however. If you can get passed this, an even more difficult level awaits as Sam must leap over oncoming rocks to reach the finish. Joystick required.

Zelch 64 BBS program

Zelch 64 is a full featured BBS program with, and I guarentee, only 1 bug! Check out it's web page by clicking on the link. A downloadable version is available from that page.

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