Bo Zimmerman


To employ my talents as a systems or applications programmer.

Work Experience:

August, 2012 - Present
Software Engineer - Solid State Networks
Developed various components of an extensive downloading and patching solution. This required knowledge of Java, C, Python, JavaScript/CSS, and various AWS services.

September, 2008 - July, 2012
Software Engineer - Bioware Austin
Developed various components of an extensive MMO project, including account management, authentication, and security systems, game automation tools, asset storage and retrieval systems, build and deployment tools, and launcher/patcher technology. This required knowledge of Java, C++/BOOST, bash, JavaScript/CSS, GlassFish, and Oracle databases.

August, 2007 - September, 2008
Software Engineer - NEON Enterprise Software, Inc.
Assisted in numerous development tasks around Neons core TITAN database archival software. This involved archive tool development in Java and C++ (Linux and Solaris), and required knowledge of Oracle, JMS and ActiveMQ for native *NIX and Java platforms.

January, 2006 - August, 2007
Software Engineer - Database Brothers, Inc.
Assisted in the design and engineering of both major enterprise software products. The products were auditing and performance applications using JDBC databases DB2 and Oracle, and included a Java/Swing GUI, C++ (BOOST) server application component and system plug-ins for several J2EE servers (JBOSS, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic, Oracle Application Server, and Tomcat).

October, 1999 - January, 2006
Senior Software Engineer and Project Manager
IBT Technologies; WebIQ, Inc.; WebIQ, LLC.
Designed, engineered, and deployed the flagship WebIQ product. Responsible for gathering customer requirements, organizing a development plan, and executing the development plan. The product was a large web based collaborative application built on Java Servlet (J2EE) technology, and utilizing several JDBC databases (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and MySQL). The clients were IE and other browsers, requiring work in HTML, and JavaScript (DHTML).

January, 1997 - October, 1999
Senior Applications Programmer
Sears TeleServ / Maxserv Corp.
Designed and implemented two large front-end call-taking applications. This required extensive knowledge of JavaScript, JScript objects, Dynamic HTML, and ActiveX control creation. Another was written in Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 and 5.0, and required knowledge of OLE Automation, telephony, DLL call-backs, ODBC, and object oriented design. Also maintained an imaging and schematics system (both client and server side) in Visual C++ 5.0.


Master of Science, Texas State University
San Marcos, TX
Graduated: December, 1996
Major: Computer Science, GPA: 3.45

Bachelor of Science, Texas State University
San Marcos, TX
Graduated: December, 1994
Major: Computer Science, GPA: 3.84 (Magna cum laude)
Minor: Political Science

Hardware and Language knowledge:

IBM PC compatibles (Windows 3.11 - Vista, DOS, Linux, Minix, OS/2). DEC Alpha (Digital UNIX, Open VMS), AmigaOS, Sun Solaris (*nix).

Java (Servlets, AWT & Swing), Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0-6.0, Microsoft Visual C++, C (numerous compilers), JavaScript/JScript, HTML, XML, 6502/6510 Assembler, FORTRAN, Microsoft COM/ActiveX, TK/TCL, Digital VAX Assembler, BASIC, Pilot.

Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, MySQL, and Oracle experience.

Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio.NET, and J++

Extensive experience with software architecture and Object-Oriented (OOA, OOD) principles

Freelance/Open Source Programming:

May, 2001 - Present
CoffeeMud Development
Round Rock, Texas
Write, maintain, and support an enormous game package with role-playing, AI, and scripting engines. System also includes its own internal http/web server, smtp server, web macro system, and database JDBC engine. Also support a large installed user base.

March, 1999 - May, 1999
Douglas, Wyoming
Wrote the browser software for their new ChromeMag disk-based magazine in 6510 Assembly for the GeoWorks GEOS GUI platform. Occasionally wrote articles for publication.

January, 1995 - December, 2000
Softdisk Publishing
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Wrote small utilities and applications on event driven GeoWorks GEOS platform in 6510 Assembly. These programs are periodically published in LoadStar 64 disk magazine.

August, 1990 - August, 1992
Elite Software, Tucson, Arizona
Dealt with all areas of small business concerns. I assisted in design and implementation of large modem collaborative server package and its support software. Did all systems/protocol design and programming and assisted with the end-application. Product was written in 6502/6510 assembly and Microsoft BASIC for 8 bit Commodore computers. Wrote manuals and provided customer support.

February 1987 - June 1990
Zelch 64 Software Development
San Antonio, Texas
Designed and implemented and marketed locally a large modem collaborative server package and its support software. Product was written in 6502/6510 Assembly and Microsoft BASIC.

Excellent References Available upon Request