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8050Exam.d80.gz    (dir) 2017-05-26 4610
8050 alignment/exam

burnin-p500.d82.gz    (dir) 2024-05-31 9305
P500 diagnostic sw by Vossi

cbm2-burnin.d80.gz    (dir) 2017-05-26 4618
cbm2-burnin.readme 2017-05-26 467
Commodore Factory Burn In Diagnostics for B Series. All but three files have
been deleted from the disk.

p500-burnin.d80.gz    (dir) 2017-05-26 3213
p500-burnin.readme 2017-05-26 348
Commodore Factory Burn In Diagnostics for P500, maybe for -01 ROMs or PAL

Test.d80.gz    (dir) 2017-05-26 112028
Various disk and system tests

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