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Frodo V4.0 is a free, portable C64 emulator for BeOS, Unix, MacOS, AmigaOS and Windows systems. Author: cbauer@iphcip1.physik.uni-mainz.de (Christian Bauer) http://www.Uni-Mainz.DE/~bauec002/FRMain.html


frodo-411.sit.hqx 2009-08-18 1749548
MacFrodo V3.1.5 binary distribution (68k and PowerPC).
See The Official MacFrodo Home Page
http://internetter.com/titan/software/ for more information.

frodo4_1.win32.zip 2009-08-18 398024
Windows 95/NT version of Frodo. Downloaded from

FrodoV4_1.Amiga.lha 2009-08-18 295070
Binary distribution for Amiga/DraCo with 68040/68060, AmigaOS 3.0 and
graphics card. (Use Frodo V2.x for other Amigas.)

FrodoV4_1a.Be.tar.gz 2009-08-18 307086
Binary distribution for BeOS

FrodoV4_1a.Src.tar.gz 2009-08-18 350501
Source distribution (for *nix systems)

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