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C64Gfx-v1.3.lha 2009-08-18 393794
FLI and Koala to/from ppm converter for Amiga/U*ix
C64Gfx.lha 2009-08-18 335320
C64 graphics conversion package, precompiled for Amiga (ANSI-C sources).
Version 1.5 (24.4.1999).
C64Gfx1_4.lha 2009-08-18 372082
ppm to Koala/FLI/BFLI(/FFLI) precompiled for Amiga (ANSI-C sources)
Koala/FLI/AFLI/BFLI to IFF-ILBM/ppm precompiled for Amiga (ANSI-C sources)
Koala/FLI/BFLI viewers for C64 (PAL+NTSC), some examples.

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