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This is the data sheet for the Yamaha YM3526 OPL FM synthesizer chip used in the Commodore C64/C128 Sounder Expander cartridge.
Anyone wishing to program the YM3526 should refer to one of the many documents available on the internet on programming the OPL FM synthesizer used in Creative SoundBlaster cards.
According to Magnus Eriksson, the YM3526 should not be confused with OPL2 (YM3812) or OPL3 (YMF262).


ym3526-01.png 2009-08-18 169012
ym3526-02.png 2009-08-18 86884
ym3526-03.png 2009-08-18 210560
ym3526-04.png 2009-08-18 182782
ym3526-05.png 2009-08-18 206257
ym3526-06.png 2009-08-18 278339
ym3526-07.png 2009-08-18 140128
ym3526-08.png 2009-08-18 120127
ym3526-09.png 2009-08-18 113215
ym3526-10.png 2009-08-18 79019

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