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8modules8kernels.txt 2009-08-18 7400
inserting a 8x-kernel and 8x-Module switch inside the kernel

c2n-conn.jpg 2009-08-18 30421
Home-made Commodore tape drive connector. From top to bottom: GND,
VCC, tape motor (unassigned), READ (red), WRITE (white), SENSE
c2n-oric1.html 2009-08-18 2969
Connecting a Commodore tape drive to the Oric-1. This document refers
to the figures c2n-conn.jpg and c2n-oric1.jpg.
c2n-oric1.jpg 2009-08-18 31246
Wiring a Commodore tape interface to the Oric-1. From left to right:
READ (red), VCC, GND, WRITE (white). The ICs on top are memory, and
the IC on the right is the sound chip.

c64-IO-expander.zip 2009-08-18 13976
Hardware modification to get more I/O space for the C64.
Designed and uploaded by MagerValp@Goth.Org

c64-kernal-cartridge.gif 2009-08-18 39815
Schematic diagram of an external KERNAL cartridge for the C64.
Drawn by Ruud Baltissen http://ruud.c64.org/.
c64-kernal-cartridge.zip 2009-08-18 5940
Source files of the above.

c64-with-12volts 2009-08-18 2475
How to make the Commodore 64 to work with a 12 volt battery.

C64MIDI-INTERFACE.TXT 2009-08-18 36932
Self-explanatory. Both ASCII and PS version.

castest.zip 2009-08-18 368031
Scanned images from the "Commodore" magazine article
"Testing the Commodore 64 Cassette Interface" by Don Fabrizio,
Commodore Training Manager. This article shows some Commodore 64 BASIC
code and simple connections for testing the cassette write and motor
outputs and the read and sense inputs.

cooling-fan-C128DCR.txt 2009-08-18 10709
Equipping the Commodore 128 DCR (metal cased 128D) with a cooling fan.

MK.gif 2009-08-18 29866
MK7PLA.txt 2009-08-18 2341
Schematic diagram of an Action Replay freezer cartridge clone, and the
contents of the PLA chip required for the cartridge.

PAL-VIC20-Goes-NTSC.html 2020-07-27 9682
Article about converting a PAL VIC-20 to NTSC.

powersupply.txt 2009-08-18 3262
Build a heavy-duty power supply for the C64 (or VIC-20).
Note that this instruction assumes 110 V input voltage.

reset-for-64.txt 2009-08-18 2939
Building a RESET switch for the Commodore 64.

rtc.gif 2009-08-18 8346
Schematic diagram for a real time clock connected to the cassette port.

Second-SID.txt 2009-08-18 12559
Connect a 2nd SID chip to your C64 to get stereo sounds. Written
and uploaded by Charlie Young <charlesyoung@mail.snider.net>.

secondsid.txt 2016-09-02 1879
Adding a second SID to the c64/c128. From usenet.

usb-joystick.dia 2009-08-18 1318
Schematic diagram of an inverter circuit. See usb-joystick.png and
usb-joystick.html 2009-08-18 9575
Connect Atari VCS 2600 style joysticks to a USB game controller.
usb-joystick.png 2009-08-18 4048
Schematic diagram of an inverter circuit. The source file is
usb-joystick1.jpg 2009-08-18 10933
Top view of a modified Logitech WingMan Precision USB game controller.
See usb-joystick.html.
usb-joystick2.jpg 2009-08-18 11379
Bottom view of a modified Logitech WingMan Precision USB game controller.
See usb-joystick.html.
usb-joystick3.jpg 2009-08-18 15440
Internal view of a modified Logitech WingMan Precision USB game controller.

uupxfer.zip 2023-05-19 6273
Transfer data between C= 8-bits via the user port.

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