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Firmware for the Commodore printer MPS-1230


601240-95-v1.1d-19881110.bin 2009-08-18 65536
Contents of the 27C512 EPROM, labeled "PDL2". This firmware is dated
November 10, 1988, and it is for the German version of the printer.

mps1200-k405-0202.bin 2020-09-06 65536
Read from IEC MPS-1200 board

mps1230-v11e-xxxxxx-xx.bin 2017-05-26 65536

mps1250_k111_0201.bin 2020-09-13 65536

parts.txt 2015-10-27 3267
Parts and layout info for this printer.

r-1.1e-19890809.bin 2015-10-27 65536
Revised firmware for MPS-1230

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