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128_dualboot.cvt 2021-12-23 3127
Run c128 Dual Top 3.0 at boot

1571 Boot Fix.cvt 2021-11-17 1024
1571BootFix V1.0 by Jim Collette. Fix a Maverick boot disk

64_dualboot.cvt 2021-12-23 2629
Run c64 Dual Top 3.0 at boot

auto clock.cvt 2021-11-26 2502
Set the GEOS clock on system boot

AutoCalendar doc.cvt 2021-11-17 1876
AutoCalendar.cvt 2021-11-17 640
AutoCaledar v1.0 by Michael E. Landon. This file may be corrupted.

AutoClock doc.cvt 2021-11-17 1552
Docs for AutoClock by Rick Koch.

AutoClock-1.2.cvt 2021-11-17 2560
AutoClock V1.2 by Rick Koch.

AutoClock-1.5.cvt 2021-11-17 2688
AutoClock V1.5 by Rick Koch.

AutoClock-1.6.cvt 2022-10-31 2652
AutoClock V1.6 by Rick Koch, bug fixed by Bruce Thomas

autodate.cvt 2021-11-29 1543
Check your Calendar at boot, v1.1 by Rick Koch\

AutoDate.cvt 2009-08-18 1664
AutoDate.doc.cvt 2009-08-18 1179
AutoDate V1.2 by Rick Koch. Checks Calendar At Boot.
The documentation is in geoWrite V2.1 format.

AutoMagicMaker-1.0.lnx 2009-08-18 7069
Auto Magic Maker is a program that creates auto executable files to run
Desk Accessories during the GEOS startup sequence. It was written mainly
to run geoCalender and the Note Pad, but it will run any DA that you desire.

autominder.cvt 2021-12-23 831
Set alarm based on calendar datebook, by Kent LS

autonotepad.cvt 2021-12-10 644
Load notepad on boot, an auto-pref 1.3 remix from Arthur Dahm

autopref.cvt 2021-11-29 1149
Bring up preferences at boot time, by Arthur Dahm

AutoRAW.lnx 2021-11-17 23692
This program is a GEOS auto-exec file that will play the first .RAW type
digital sound file it encounters on your boot disk. AutoRAW has been tested
and successfully runs under GEOS 64 versions 1.3 and 2.0, and GEOS 128
versions 1.4 and 2.0 in both 40 and 80 column modes.

AutoRun-3.0.lnx 2009-08-18 17157
AutoRun is a newer version of AutoRunner.

AutoRunner-2.0.lnx 2009-08-18 12093
This application will load and execute all of the AUTO_EXEC files
it finds on a disk (up to a 16 file limit). If you use AUTO_EXEC
utilities on your boot disk, this is helpful after any situation
where a load "rboot",8,1 command was used.

AutoTime15Fixed.d64.gz    (dir) 2023-04-20 8371
AutoTime/AutoClock fixed for 80 cols. Set time on boot.

bootie.cvt 2021-12-23 1008
Run all autoexecs on all drives, by Kent LS

CENTER 80.cvt 2021-11-17 640
Fix 80 Col. in GEOS 128. V1.0 by Jim Collette.

Fancy Start Doc.cvt 2021-11-17 1623
fancystart 128.cvt 2021-11-27 3901
Fancy Start 128 v1.0 by Anthony Sommers

FancyStart.cvt 2021-11-17 3968
Fancy Start V1.0 by Anthony Sommers.

geoPassword doc.cvt 2021-11-17 1892
geoPassword.cvt 2021-11-17 2411
geoPassword V1.0 by Lee Semel.

geopim.lnx 2021-12-17 1592
Boot Pref Mgr and Calender, by Bruce Thomas.

geowizard.d64.gz    (dir) 2014-03-10 32777
Task switcher auto-exec program for GEOS

mouseup 1.1.cvt 2021-12-09 587
MouseUp v1.1 by Terry Mullett. Loads prefs for autoexecs.

MouseUp Doc.cvt 2021-11-17 1370
MouseUp.cvt 2021-11-17 768
MouseUp v3.1 by Greg King. Loads prefs for autoexecs.

newkeys.lnx 2021-12-21 33274
New Keys - Key replacer, designed for geoWrite, but works with others. By J

newsystemerror 2.0.cvt 2021-11-25 790
New System Error 2.0 for GEOS 1.3 by Jason Hoos

NoRBOOT.cvt 2021-11-17 640
Disable 128 RBOOT by Jim Collette

pckeyboard.cvt 2021-12-03 754
PC Keyboard, probably made with KeyMaker, by Irv Cobb

PhotoStart.cvt 2009-08-18 4352
PhotoDisplay 1.0 by James Lewis Kolb. Photoscrap Viewer.
Uses Photoscrap as opening screen on bootup!

quickstart.cvt 2021-11-29 1276
Loan another application at boot time instead of deskTop, By James Cook

qwikstash.lnx 2020-09-06 8288
Automatically copy files to Ram Disk on boot

ramboot.lnx 2021-11-23 8890
Better reboot for GEOS 64 with REU

RAWAUTO.cvt 2021-11-17 1024
RAW Player V0.9 by Gregory C. Dent.

reminder.cvt 2021-12-10 2847
Use with Tim's Timer and Calendar to bring up the day's schedule - by Arthur

SmartWatch.cvt 2021-11-17 1024
Read SmartWatch at boot by Ken Wallace.

SmartWatch.doc.cvt 2021-11-17 4520
StartUpScrn.cvt 2021-11-17 768
StartUpScn 2.0 by Ed Flinn.

SYSTEM ERROR 2.1.cvt 2021-11-17 896
System Error 2.1 by Jason Hoos.

UnBoot.cvt 2021-11-17 640
UnBoot V1.0 by William C. Coleman. Turns a boot disk into a regular one.

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