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CMDRESET.cvt 2009-08-18 5591
geoWrite V2.1 document. Tells you how to reset your CMD devices properly
after running GEOS.

Desk Organizer.cvt 2009-08-18 1754
DESK ORG V1.0 by John Howard.
Add or Delete blank pages... Fill in empty spaces moving all files to
front pages...

dir. repair.cvt 2021-12-09 11794
1541 directory repair by Far Bear

dirmanager.cvt 2020-09-06 6528
Disk directory sorter for 1541, 71, 81

dirmaster1.0.lnx    (dir) 2021-11-26 10089
Directory manipulation for 41/71 disks

dirmaster1.1.lnx    (dir) 2024-04-04 9935
Manipulate disk dirs on 41/71

dirmaster2.lnx    (dir) 2021-12-23 14076
Manipulate 1541/71/81 directories v2.0, by Kent LS

Disk Repair.cvt 2009-08-18 13512
DISK REPAIR V1.1 by Various.
The program will allow you to view the BAM, repair damage to the OPD
block, etc. 1/22/88 -wcc

DiskLock.cvt 2024-04-01 1991
Disk Locker/protector 1.0 by Lee Semel

diskmaster1.0.cvt 2021-11-26 2157
Change a disk to/from a Master disk. By Steven Eyrse

diskprotect1.cvt 2021-12-10 1594
DiskProtect V1.0 by Robert L. Thaller. Change a disk to Boot, Master or Work

diskprotect2.5.cvt 2009-08-18 2910
DiskProtect V2.5 by Robert L. Thaller. Change a disk to Boot, Master or Work

diskprotect2.cvt 2021-11-23 2465
DiskProtect V2.0 by Robert L. Thaller. Change a disk to Boot, Master or Work

DriveCleaner-english.cvt 2009-08-18 7296
Cleaner V2.0 by Jorgen Eckel.
for GEOS 128, V2.0, 80 col. ONLY!!! Use this program and a cleaning disk
to clean the drive's read&write heads.

DriveCleaner-german.cvt 2009-08-18 6400
Cleaner V1.0 by J├╝rgen Eckel. The only difference from version 2.0 is
that this program is in German.

erase-header-v1.cvt 2024-04-03 1296
Erase disk header v1.0 by Alex Burger

erase-header-v2.lnx    (dir) 2021-11-26 3883
Removes GEOS header (including Master status) from disks. Includes 64 & 128

FFTB.cvt 2009-08-18 3870
FastFormattrV1.0 by Scott E. Resh.
Fast Format That Baby is a nice little disk utility.

geoboot1581.lnx    (dir) 2021-12-21 6895
geoBoot 1581 creates GEOS 64 boot disk for 1581 by J Major.

geoDiskEdit.cvt 2009-08-18 7770
geoDiskEdit V1.0 by Mike Craig.

geodos64de29.d81.gz    (dir) 2020-09-07 239233
geoDOS - read PC disks (German language)

geodos64en29.d81.gz    (dir) 2020-09-07 242731
geoDOS - read PC disks

geodos_295_e.zip 2014-03-10 250332
Application for reading/writing FAT formatted disk in 1581 or 1571 drives

geoHacker-1.6.cvt 2009-08-18 12032
GEOHACKER V1.6 by Mystic Jim.

geohacker.cvt 2021-12-08 11167
geoHacker v1.0 by mystic jim

geolist20.cvt 2021-11-23 5084
List a directory to disk or printer

geomakedir.2.2.cvt 2024-04-01 6271
A tool to create subdirectories on 1541 drives by Maciej Witkowiak. To change
a directory simply double click its icon. Do not validate!

geomakedir.doc.cvt 2024-04-01 9258
Documentation of GeoMakeDir by Maciej Witkowiak.

geoOrganizer.cvt 2009-08-18 7762
Reorganize the disk directory contents.

geoOrganizer.doc.cvt 2024-04-03 5277
Docs for geoOrganizer

geos 2.0 hacker.prg 2021-11-29 11264
Aid for copying GEOS v2.0 boot disks

GEOS Busters 4.0.d64.gz    (dir) 2023-04-20 13593
Disk copy program for GEOS 64, for copying BSW disks.

geos1581.lnx    (dir) 2009-08-18 11982
Create 1581 boot disks for GEOS 64 and GEOS 128

hd_geos_utils.d64.gz    (dir) 2014-03-10 47703
CMD hard drive utility disks

MajReOrg21.lnx    (dir) 2020-09-06 19874
Major ReOrg - Disk file organizer that supports all modern drives. Includes
GEOS Info sector editor built-in. By Bo Zimmerman

maverick s.e..cvt 2021-12-03 9468
Maverick Sector Editor by Mills/KJPB

mavse2021.lnx    (dir) 2023-04-20 38548
Maverick Sector Editor (SE), 2021 build by PBM

Pik-Stash.lnx    (dir) 2009-08-18 12247
This pair of programs lets you automatically dump selected files
from your boot disk to your RAMdrive and, if you desire, swap the
RAMdrive for your boot or data drive.

plus21k.cvt 2021-11-29 4147
Use extra supported tracks on 1541 disk for more space

quick format.cvt 2021-12-09 948
Quick Format 1.0 by Jason Hoos

qwikbam.cvt 2021-12-03 6081
Show disk BAM map, by John Howard

qwiktop2.1.lnx    (dir) 2021-11-23 11458
Disk file organizer/manager v2.1

qwiktop2.3.lnx    (dir) 2021-11-23 12897
Disk file organizer/manager v2.3

qwiktop2.3b.cvt 2021-11-23 8192
Disk file organizer/manager v2.3

QwikTop2.3doc.cvt 2021-11-23 4608
Docs for disk file organizer/manager v2.3

uiec-man.lnx    (dir) 2023-04-20 27026
uIEC manager, for switching disk images on a uIEC.

ulecSwitch1.3 r.04.d64.gz    (dir) 2023-04-20 12742
Switch between D81 images on a uIEC drive

ungeos info.cvt 2024-04-04 6092
Doc for ungeos

ungeos.cvt 2021-11-24 911
Converts GEOS disk back to regular one, v1.1 by William Coleman
Make GEOS 2.0 boot disks on a 1581. For the C64 or C128 versions.
unTrash-2.0.cvt 2009-08-18 2048
unTrash V2.0 by John F. Howard.
Updates V1.0 - supports two drives and automatically validates disk.

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