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ADDmerge.cvt 2009-08-18 4484
ADDmerge V1.0 by Frank Schroeder.
Combines a series of short geoMerge files into one geoWrite document.

Appending-geoWrite.cvt 2009-08-18 11825
This geoWrite V2.0 document tells you how to merge geoWrite documents

BluePencil.cvt 2009-08-18 5545
Blue Pencil V1.0 by Charles E. Kinney.
Document analysis application for geoWrite V1.1 to V2.1 files...
Count characters, words and lines in geoWrite documents.

combiner.cvt 2009-08-18 7339
Combiner V1.0 by Nick Vrtis. Combine multiple geoWrite documents into one.

combiner_alt.cvt 2021-11-23 7339
Appears to be another variation on Combiner 1.0

Converter-6.0.cvt 2009-08-18 10221
Converter V6.0 by Joe Buckley.
Convert geoWrite file formats amongst each other.

Copy Editor.cvt 2009-08-18 1842
Copy Editor V1.0 by Raymond A. Kerby.
Use Readers Index as a guide to the Grade level of your readers.

Downgrade-5.0.cvt 2009-08-18 3271
Downgrade V5.0 by Joe Buckley.
Alter geoWrite file formats from 2.0&2.1 source formats to
1.1,2.0,2.1&2.1 wide margin.

Envelope.cvt 2009-08-18 3891
Envelope.doc.cvt 2009-08-18 4251
Envelope V1.0 by Spike Dethman.
Address Your Envelopes. $2.00 Shareware.
The documentation is in geoWrite V2.1 format.

geoGraph-fixed.lnx 2009-08-18 80818
This upload contains a "fixed" version of the GEOGRAPH program
written by Ernest Hunter. GeoGraph can make bar, point, or line
graphs and save them as text scraps for use in GeoWrite or GeoPaint

geomiser.cvt 2020-09-06 2560
geoMiser -- minimizes geoWrite doc size

geoSleeve.lnx 2009-08-18 37265
Document templates for creating customized disk sleeves.

geovax.lnx 2009-08-18 8616
Convert OpenVMS Text

geoWrite-2.1-2.2.patch.lnx 2009-08-18 5223
Patch geoWrite V2.1 to V2.2.

getitwrite.lnx 2021-11-26 15759
Rename geoWrite files imported by geoPublish, by Joseph Thomas

hulme view.cvt 2021-11-26 5610
SEQ File Viewer

labeller.cvt 2021-11-23 7067
Print labels with graphics from geoWrite docs

Landlord.lnx 2009-08-18 13475
Two geoWrite V2.1 document templates, one for rental agreement and
one for rent application.

MailRoom.lnx 2009-08-18 67425
A mailing list database program that can maintain 2000 mailing
labels on a disk, indexed by name, city, and ZIP. Includes a
geoPublishable 5-page manual with font and driver.

noted-album.cvt 2021-11-23 12123
Notepad archiver by R Winchester

quickview.cvt 2021-11-24 2337
v1.0, does a sequential listing of a geoWrite file to the screen.

quickview1.1.cvt 2021-11-25 2337
v1.1, does a sequential listing of a geoWrite file to the screen.

SEQ View.cvt 2009-08-18 5529
SEQ View V1.0 by Joe Buckley.
View CBM SEQ files from the GEOS deskTop.

Toolkit-1.2.cvt 2009-08-18 10624
Toolkit-1.2.doc.cvt 2009-08-18 6953
TOOLKIT V1.2 by Rick Krantz.
A geoWrite Utility Kit. The documentation is in geoWrite V2.1 format.

Toolkit-2.3.cvt 2009-08-18 10624
TOOLKIT V2.3 by Rick Krantz.
A geoWrite Utility Kit - 128 GEOS ONLY!

transtext.cvt 2021-11-24 4061
TransText - convert prg,seq,usr to geoWrite doc

unpublish.cvt 2020-09-06 3584
Downgrades GW doc from geoPublish back down

writerscramp1.1.cvt 2021-11-24 1454
Downgrade geoWrite docs from 2.0->1.1. By Red Storm

WriteView.cvt 2009-08-18 2432
QuickView V1.0 by BSC TechUnit.
Dump Write files to screen. Patched to work with geoWrite 2.X.

WrongIsWrite6.0.cvt 2021-11-24 10221
Convert Write file formats amongst each other. By Red Storm

WrongIsWrite6.1.cvt 2021-11-27 10183
Convert Write file formats by Red Storm

WrongIsWrite6.2.cvt 2009-08-18 10181
Converter V6.2 by Red Storm.
Convert Write file formats amongst each other.

WrongIsWrite7.cvt 2009-08-18 10671
Converter V7.0 by Red Storm.
Convert Write file formats amongst each other.

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