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dsk2file.prg 2009-08-18 1597
A BASIC/ML program to convert any CBM disk to a dump file (like VC1541 disk
to .d64) for a PET or C64.

The dump file should be written to a device larger than the dumped disk
(although the program can be tailored to split an image).

See also file2dsk.prg. Programmed and uploaded by André Fachat.

emutil.prg 2021-09-10 6572
emutil.readme 2015-02-07 665
EMUTIL is a disk image archiver for 8-bit Commodore computers.

It supports all known Commodore disk drives, of all capacities.
It also supports all CMD HD and RL Native partitions. Programmed by
Bo Zimmerman and André Fachat.

file2dsk.prg 2009-08-18 1549
A BASIC/ML program to restore any CBM disk from a fitting disk image
(like .d64 restore to a VC1541).

See also dsk2file.prg. Programmed and uploaded by André Fachat.

lynx8017.txt 2009-08-18 588
Lynx 17 compatible archiving tool written in BASIC by Ken Ross.
A version compiled with PetSpeed is included.

lynx8017.zip 2009-08-18 15271

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