Zimmers.NET Files (formerly ftp.funet.fi)


Games adapted for user port Joystick controller found in the
documents/projects area, mostly by Joe Travis


afo.prg 2021-06-02 6443
Adapted by Joe Travis

arrow.prg 2021-06-02 1938
Adapted by Joe Travis

bomber.prg 2021-06-02 3199
Adapted by Joe Travis

break-out.prg 2021-06-02 5896
Adapted by Joe Travis

breakout.prg 2021-06-02 1665
Adapted by Joe Travis

brickwall.prg 2021-06-02 3229
Adapted by Joe Travis

cosmiads uni.prg 2021-06-02 7560
Cosmiads - Excellent implementation of Galaxian. POKE 2571,79 before RUN for
joystick on user port. LEFT=PA0, RIGHT=PA1, FIRE=PA5.

galaxy invdr joy.prg 2021-10-29 5851
Galaxy Invader - Space Invaders clone. Joystick support by Jim64

invaders.prg 2021-06-02 7168
Patched version of commercial Space Invaders - uses joystick on user port:

joystick_test.prg 2021-06-02 1805
Joystick testing program by Joe Travis

leap frog fix.prg 2023-07-23 3907
Frogger-like game

pong joysticks.prg 2021-10-29 5951
Pong clone. Dual joystick support by Jim64

print_racer.prg 2021-06-02 1788
Adapted by Joe Travis

shark.prg 2021-06-02 5793
Adapted by Joe Travis

space war.prg 2021-06-02 4393
Star war joystick game, copyright 1981 Chris Mills.

star spores.prg 2023-07-23 12867
Fun and difficult galaxian type shooter with good graphics

zap.prg 2021-06-02 3330
Adapted by Joe Travis

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