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This directory contains pictures of a Commodore LCD prototype.


lcd-back1.jpg 2009-08-18 161110
View of the back ports
lcd-back2.jpg 2009-08-18 158164
Another view of the back ports
LCD-Front.jpg 2009-08-18 282340
Front of the computer
lcd-inside-lhs.jpg 2009-08-18 1149919
Main board
lcd-insideWmem.jpg 2009-08-18 1265203
Main board with memory board attached
LCD-kybd.jpg 2009-08-18 229422
lcd-lhs.jpg 2009-08-18 231124
Left hand side of the case
LCD-logo-doc.jpg 2009-08-18 14554
A close-up and doctored image of the logo

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