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Hi Dear +4 Scene!
Here are some photos about plus 4 freax. Most of them were shot on
GLOBAL PARDEY II. in 1994 by Lacoste of WLS and Lavina of Gotu in Debrecen, Hungary. Please upload similar photos if you have some.
Sorry for the bad resolution of the images (Handyscan sucks!)


01.jpg 2009-08-18 24022
Shadow of Gotu being hit on the head by some wls guys...
02.jpg 2009-08-18 14884
Freddy of Gotu (left) and Coby of MX (on the right side)
03.jpg 2009-08-18 14075
TCFS coding Lemmings (is it ever finished?)
04.jpg 2009-08-18 15619
Crafty and Lacoste
05.jpg 2009-08-18 17421
Lavina of Gotu thinking on some effects
06.jpg 2009-08-18 21945
A moment from the party
07.jpg 2009-08-18 23610
The plus 4 members of the party.
08.jpg 2009-08-18 17538
Freddy is sleeping... (I am Freddy, ain't i lame?)
09.jpg 2009-08-18 9507
Paul of Gotu is sleeping after some beer...
10.jpg 2009-08-18 17292
11.jpg 2009-08-18 32858
TCFS playing Terminator 2 for Gotu members
12.jpg 2009-08-18 32746
My room (Lavina of Gotu) and my coding seat with my plusi. Also the place

of Mental Hangover Party in Mateszalka.

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